Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wasp Spider action.( no, not that kind)

I thought these made a good series, even though the first
couple are blurry! I went back to the site yesterday and she
was there with 1 item of prey (at the back), which she left at
speed when a grasshopper jumped into her web.

Note the look of horror in the Grasshopper's eyes.

You can see her shooting web at it. Brilliant gorey detail.

Same here. Fascinating, but I do feel for the prey, honest.

Both their faces can be seen here.
She looks a nasty piece of work.

Grasshopper properly secured, she goes
back to her original prey.

Lunch is served.

This much smaller Spider was near her and I assume it
is the male. I couldn't get a front view.
Poor chap doesn't stand a chance.


  1. A most tasty morsel. Great sequence - I am letting my tiny resident silver marsh spider grow big, then I too can hope for some action liek this.

    That is one beautiful, but mean spider.

  2. Great sequence John, But dont invite me for dinner

  3. Lovely action shots but glad i viewed it during the day,If i saw just before bedtime i'm sure i'd have nightmares she's got a scary scary face!

  4. Looks like something outa Stephen King Horror movie. Great action shots and difficult to do. Is the spider poisonous to humans.

  5. Nice piece of wildlife action John. Just remember the males often end up on the dinner

  6. That is some sequence John. Well done.

  7. Given the size comparison with the grasshopper, that is a pretty good sized spider. All I can say is I'm glad it was you taking the photos. That would have been much too close for me.

  8. Thanks folks, that's the last of the Spiders, I don't think Sue's nerves can stand any more.

    Sam, I don't know if it's poisonous but I should think it could give you a nasty bite.

  9. Wow! Amazing series! It's always exciting to catch behavior such as this ... and a little scary. Incredible images!

  10. Great value aren't they John?!

  11. Wow very impressive sequence! Well done!

  12. I can safely say that spiders dont really bother me but as for the rest of my family Yikes my 18 year old Son will not even dust because of them I think it's a excuse :)) get shots BTW

  13. Thank you all for your comments,nice to see you back in full swing Chris.