Sunday, 17 November 2013

Paington Zoo.

We have not done much birding lately so we thought we would put up some pictures from a recent trip to the zoo with 2 of our grand-daughters to see the newly-born baby Giraffe and while they enjoyed it, it just re-enforced what we had always thought- we don't like them. While there is always the conservation arguement and we can see the point in that, most of the 'inmates' are not rare or endangered and for the most part looked very sad, especially the Apes and the Big Cats. 
Below is a picture of Ellie and Madison, guess which one's the tomboy. 


  1. Your images are amazing :)

  2. Beautiful photos - but I know what you mean, I have mixed feelings about Zoos and captive animals. Some have been injured and cannot survive in the wild, or some are near extinction, etc. etc. But still . . .

  3. Some great images love that Green lizard type image and the birds ones at the bottom are very smart as well.

  4. Nice pictures.. Specially the litte jiraffe and suricate.. Cheers!!!..

  5. Nicely taken photos.

    I share your concerns about zoos. To my mind it's a fine line between conservation of species (which is, of course, admirable) and commercial considerations which mean displaying a lot of captive creatures which are not othwerwise endangered, but help to fund the conservation work.

    Unfortunately the Wetland Centres, in my opinion, are worse than zoos. A few years back I challenged a couple of staff at the London Wetland Centre about the number of pinioned birds they had there, and which would not usually be seen in UK (either 'ever' or not at that particular time of year - July). They said it was part of a breeding programme for endangered species. How species like Smew (of which they had many), fit into that scenario, I don't know!

  6. Great set of images! The giraffe baby is gorgeous - my favourite animal! I too worry about zoos but I guess they are good places to enthuse young children about all the fantastic animals and birds in the world which they may never get the opportunity to see in the wild.

  7. Wonderful animal pictures!

    Bild 3 und 6 rührt mich sehr an - sie gucken so traurig - sie werden ihre Gründe haben.

    Many greetings - Monika and Bente

  8. Thank you for your comments.

  9. Hello John,
    Nice shots of all these diffeent animals. It's always enjoy in the Zoo.

    Greetings, Marco