Friday, 13 February 2009

Rosie and Beau.

Well, we have not posted anything for almost a fortnight and that's because we haven't done very much but we are going out this week-end and are determined to remedy that.
In the mean time here are a couple of pictures of some of our pets, Rosie the white Boxer and Beau, my beautiful British short-hair cat. I know some of you birders probably don't approve but we love cats and actually have 3.



  1. My wife wants your cat.

    Do you want to swap for a horrible little black and white one? :-)

  2. No thanks Duncan, he's my boy and I called him Beau because he is so handsome, we also have a black and white Moggy and an American Ragdoll.
    John says when the Moggy's gone he wants the Bengal off of the Sheba advert.

    ps. We got Beau from a breeder in Camborne.

  3. Awwww - lovely. I do like cats, but not in my garden. They always seem to take to us though. I have a white Boxer too. My second.

  4. He sure is a handsome lad. I am a great cat lover myself.