Monday, 16 February 2009

Garden Birds

Well, we went out over the weekend and saw very little, usual stuff really except for one which was too far away to get a decent photo and that was a Hen Harrier at Nanquidno.
Went to Gothian Sands looking for the Ring Ouzel, no joy, just Pintail and Scaup and the resident Buzzard looking for his next meal, talking of which we did see a Carrion Crow with a Frog, of course Duncan had to go one better with the Coot at Stithians on Sunday.
These shots were taken while out and about and also around the garden, nothing very spectacular. we very often get Squirrels in our Cherry tree and we quite like them, (couldn't eat a whole one).


  1. Nice shots John (Sue). Looking at the Siskins makes me realise we miss ours that were regular visitors last year. Have not seen one this year.

  2. I think your crow tops my coot John. thats a great picture.

  3. Are you kidding about squirrels ?
    I saw the article in the NY Times about the "gray squirrels".
    Anyway, what may be average to you isn't to me...I really loves seeing all your differnt birds.

  4. Hi Patsi,
    A lot of people here regard them as a nuisance but we like them, not as cute as the red ones, which we should see when we go up to Scotland in 2 weeks time. I was only kidding about eating one though.