Sunday, 25 January 2009

Birds since 1st January

This is just a collection of some of the birds we have seen since Jan. 1st. Taken anywhere between our garden in Truro down to Landsend and The Lizard. Nothing rare except the Great-Grey Shrike from Stithians. We took the Wood Pigeons because we had never noticed a Juv. (no neck markings ) before. We have had a lot of Siskins in lately but for some reason they don't photograph well. Same could be said of the 3-4 Scaup that we saw at Gothian Sands yesterday.


  1. Enjoying your photos !!!
    Next time to the States...try Cape May, New Jersey.
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Thanks Patsi,
    We loved the States and can't wait to go back but it may not be for a year or two as we have several holidays planned for this year and next spring.
    Sue and John

  3. I like the Blackcap.
    You are setting the benchmark we are aiming for.
    Thanks for the help in getting us all set up.