Tuesday, 13 January 2009

California Trip, Sept. 2008

These are from our recent trip to California. There are a lot of them but California is a big place and this is only a fraction of what we took. We covered 2500 miles by road, down as far as the Mexican border. California is constantly shrouded in a haze which doesn't help with photography. 
We spent a day at the Salton Sea, one of the hottest places on earth and it smells awful. 
Had a great time though and came back exhausted.


  1. Lovely shots. Were they all digiscoped?

    Angela & Trevor

  2. Thanks,
    Most,but not all were digi-scoped by John. The rest, and in particular, any birds in flight were taken by myself using an Olympus 400e camera with a 300 lens. Sue