Saturday, 9 May 2009

Bugs and Butterflies

We went St.Clement's yesterday and walked along the river, not many birds around, only the Godwits so we went on a bug hunt around the graveyard. Most of these were taken by Sue.

Can anyone name the last Moth for us, John took at work in Truro?


  1. Great shots! What a variety. Nice going.

  2. What a selection!
    No idea what the last is, but great detail.

  3. you have been busy, super selectoin of photo's in cluding the Ryans field shots. How are you getting on with the flight shots.

  4. Hi J & S

    The moth in the last pictures is a Nut-tree Tussock.

    i dont know how you get that close to the horrid little things :-)

  5. Thanks everyone for visiting our blog.

    Thanks Duncan, knew we could rely on you. I don't mind Moths or even Snakes or Rats etc but I am terrified or Spiders,(to the point of hysteria sometimes). Sue

    Hi Sam and Lisa, The flight shots are not going well at all, I followed all your advice but am still finding it difficult, the Lens just keeps going in and out, trying to focus on anything but the bird, will keep practising. Sue

  6. glad to be of service :-)