Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Golden Oriole that never was!

While out with the dog yesterday, someone told John about a big yellow bird that has been in his trees for the last 3 mornings. We got up early, excitedly hoping for Golden Oriole but instead found this handsome fellow. We are reliably informed that it's called a Red-fronted Kakariki from New Zealand. We don't think for one minute that it flew all the way here so if anyone has lost one, we know where it is.
While waiting for the 'Golden Oriole' we did see at least 3 Spotted Fly-Catchers, 2 Swifts, Bullfinches and Swallows. So it wasn't a complete waste of time.


  1. Interesting find there John. Good to see the spotted fly.

  2. Thanks sam and Lisa,we set how sights a little high. But came away with a good result.
    Hope to meet up with you good people soon.
    john and sue.

  3. Sorry spelling mistake, should read our.
    John's fault.

  4. Beautiful bird whether it was what you were expecting or not--and perhaps the only sighting in the wild of this bird in your part of the world! I love the photo of the Spotted Fly-Catcher.

  5. Hi John & Sue
    Bummer on the Golden Oriole But a pleasant suprise anyway. Guess what had my first Golden Oriole at Porthgwarra this morning, unfortunatly no pics it was to far away in the trees and then it flew to fast. Any way great shots as always, catch you soon.

  6. Thanks Elaine and Monty.
    Pleased about your sighting Monty,great news.
    Catch up with you soon.
    John and sue.

  7. He's a beautiful bird. Love the yellow color.

  8. I hope he/she survives out there in the harsh world of nature.

  9. Beautiful pictures! Lovely birds!

  10. Hello John and Sue. You have some fantastic images here. I especially like the butterflies and moths. :)

  11. Hi John I gather you have seen something that rarely sees the light of day it is known around Penzance as the McClary Hawk- Moth It comes out once a year when Malvin opens his wallet.
    Thank you for a great site hope you find that Golden Oriole we had one here last year Julie saw it a couple of times.

  12. Thank You for all your comments,Watcher and Angie
    both have great Blogs.
    Keith i agree Mc Clary is the new Bank of Scotland. He's not short of a bob or two,Sue and I we get a Golden Oriole it's just a matter of time.It's not a lifer tick, but a UK tick for us.
    Once again thank you everybody for viewing our Blog.