Wednesday, 30 September 2009

John at Work.

John's been busy at work (with the camera,that is) collecting all manner of flies etc.
I'm surprised how attractive some caterpillars are.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Landsend and Stithians

After years of going birding at Landsend, the bloke selling tickets suggested that we should get
a free car-park pass to save us having to explain that we are not visiting the 'attraction!'. To be fair they don't usually charge us but no-one has ever mentioned this free pass before.
I think all local birders (Simon) should go and get one, rather than paying to park there.

We were hoping for better views of the Wryneck today but didn't see it although we know some others did, and along with most of the other birders, we couldn't find the Rustic Bunting.
We did see the Melodious Warbler but it was so difficult to get a shot, it stayed in the middle
of the bushes most of the time.

Took this Starling because I think they very under-rated, love the colours on this one.
The rest are from Stithians Reservoir.
This poor Gull looks like he has a hole in the lower bill (from a fishing hook,maybe), and his tongue appears to be hanging through it. Thought the duck was a Wigeon at first but the
green flash on the wing makes me think it may be a cross with a Teal.

Have tried twice for the Wood Sandpiper but each time it kept its distance. May try again
over the week-end. John

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Week-end round-up.

Went to Marazion Marsh over the week-end, not a lot about, mainly Butterflies, but did get
the Kingfisher and then over to Gothian Sands for the Wheatear.

Have had a couple of Mothing nights recently and our grand-daughters Ellie and Madison got up early (we were babysitting) to help John empty the Moth trap. They were still in pyjamas and not at all squeamish, even when they had Moths in their hair.

Here are some of the Bugs that John has collected while out with the dog.