Saturday, 27 February 2010

Tales of the unexpected.

Not a lot of pictures for two days birding and what there is are really only record shots, from quite a distance, but one bird from yesterday and another today were unexpected.
Obviously the whereabouts of Cirl Buntings is quite sensitive and we came across this one in
a flock of 200-300 Chaffinches.

Spring must be on the way as we saw several Bumble Bees, this Small Tortoieshell and what
we think is a Muslin Moth Caterpillar.
Started at Poltesco and flushed at least 5 Woodcock. In the bay were 7 Great Northern Divers and 1 Red Throated.
We spotted the Hen Harrier while driving past Goonhilly Downs and I took these very distant shots from the car. By the time we had parked up and walked onto the moor, it was gone.
As most of you know I have been struggling with flight shots. Having followed Steve Roger's advice, I am starting to improve (I think), but as the blue sky will tell you, I forgot to alter the iso's. Good job it wasn't something rare. Sue

Sunday, 21 February 2010

What ever floats your boat.

Have been really busy lately so haven't done much birding. Went to Newlyn today for the Iceland Gull, then on to Drift reservoir and Sennen. We did manage a couple of hours on
Friday around Par and got the Bar-headed Goose on the lake.
Don't imagine for one minute that it's wild.

Couldn't resist taking a shot of the Sennen Lifeboat. Have a lot of admiration for what they do.
Everything digiscoped by John except for the Bar-headed Goose.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Tehidy Woods and St.Clements

On Friday we went to Tehidy Park for the female Scaup. Things are very quiet at the moment.

On Saturday afternoon we visited St. Clements for the Cattle Egrets, and although they
could be seen up in the top field, they were too far away to photograph.
This unexpected Water Rail was creeping around the edge of the pool, but stayed in the
shadows after being scared off by some hippy sort with her dogs, who had to finish
rolling her fag before she would call them out of the water.
That last statement makes me sound old, as I was a hippy, did use to smoke and we
have always had dogs. Sue

This was me, still practising the flight shots! SUE
The first Little Egret didn't realise that the spot was already occupied when
he tried to land. The second wasn't going to share so they fought for possession.
Not sure which one won.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Finally joined the Bittern club!

We went to Marazion on Saturday and finally caught up with the Bittern.
From then on it was all down hill, apart from the Fieldfares.
Nice to bump into Viv, we don't see him around enough. He is surely one of
Cornwall's finest birders.

Since having to cut down the Cherry tree last autumn, our garden birds have dropped substantially, however since the snow, some have been coming back to the feeders, and we have had a pair of Bullfinches visiting for the past week and on one day we had 2 pairs together. When we had the Cherry tree we were lucky to get one visit a year from Bullfinches.
Greenfinches and Siskins still seem to be thin on the ground, and no Brambling yet.