Sunday, 29 August 2010

Birds for a change.

We went to Nanjizal Valley for the Juvenile Red-Backed Shrike yesterday, (thanks Monty).
Couldn't get very close, so these are a bit distant.

Not much else around but I did have a go at digi-scoping these Kestrels in flight.
One was over fields and one over the sea. John

Thursday, 26 August 2010

To Heligan and back.

Last weekend we took our 2 grand-daughters to Heligan Gardens and although it was a bit damp, we all really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it. Here are a few shots from the day. As we pulled up in the car-park we noticed the juv. Wrens on the side of the tree, the parent scarpered as soon as it saw us. Not a particularly good shot, but it was taken in haste.
The caravan doubles as a hide down by the Otter lake. We didn't see the Otters.

Chased some moths into the station waiting-room and found this Pipistrelle on the wall.
It must have had the same idea as me. John

This Hoverfly was enormous and apparently is often mistaken for a Hornet, which is
what I thought it was at first.

I attended a Stag do at Stithians Reservoir (northern cut-off), on Saturday. John

Monday, 16 August 2010

Visit to Kynance

I took this Dragonfly at Kynance cove and looking at the pale stripe on top of the thorax,
I think it's a Keeled Skimmer, a first for us if I'm right. Sue

This Burnet Has recently emerged and it's
wings have not yet opened.

We took this on the windows of St. Allen Church
and think it's a Small Pheonix.

I know nothing about Toads but surely his nose shouldn't look like that. I think something
has bitten the end off and exposed the nasal cavity. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Sue